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Registration is dead easy and takes just 5 simple steps

Join TunA the Day

  1. Chose a username
  2. Enter your first name and surname (real ones please)
  3. Give us your email address - you might want to use a home one as we are a bit too 'cool' for some work-based networks to handle. Please make sure you enter this correctly
  4. Enter your age (be honest as it helps us out)
  5. Pick an easy to remember password and confirm it
  6. Err...that's it and Robert is indeed either of your parents' brother!

You will then get a confirmation email, keep it safe 'coz it will contain your username BUT FOR SECURITY REASONS NOT YOUR PASSWORD SO PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS

7 days a week you will get an e-blast which will tell you what we are playing that day. All you have to do is click on the link to go through to the Catch of the Day.

If you would prefer NOT to get the e-blast then select the NO MAIL SHOT option from the preferred email format drop down list

You'll need to make sure you set your e-mail filters to allow stuff from info@tunatheday.com otherwise it will get spammed!


By giving us your email address and selecting to receive an e-blast you are consenting to being contact by us via email. We will NEVER sell or pass on your details to a third party, but occassionally may send you information about things that we think you'll find interesting.

If you would prefer NOT to get these 'extras' please select the NO MAIL SHOT option.

Join TunA the Day

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