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Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns,
Been on sale since New Year
Hot Cross Buns

Little poem there on the commercialisation of Easter.

A BIG thanks to everybody that completed the survey I sent out the other week (don't worry if you didn't get it as I selected a random sample, in some cases very random, to take part).

So what did you tell me?

  • 15% like what we play all the time and 85% some of the time.
  • Rock, pop, folk and blues are the most popular genres and rap/hip hop the least. 
  • 28% of you listen 1-2 times a week and 19% every day.
  • 42% of you didn't know we had a TunA Jukebox!! It's in Canned TunA and it's fab - give it a go!!!
  • Some of you seem a little intimidated by Andy Cordy and so are reluctant to leave comments in the forum. I love what Andy has to say, but please don't let his in-depth musings stop you from having your say. I and the artists love any feedback be it + or not so (as long as it's constructive) so please don't be shy. A simple 'yeah I liked it' or 'not my cuppa tea' is all you need to put.
  • And....8 out of 10 cat owners can't stand the smell of the muck they give their moggies! *

So thanks for all the responses and the lovely comments that people left. 

Our Good Friday TunA comes from punk/pop outfit Redtrack. NME have described the Essex based band as Perky indie-punk. Weren't they a couple of annoyingly-voiced pigs from 60's children's TV?

No sorry, that was Pinky & Perky!  

Give us your track reactions and vote for your Easter TunA the Week

Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies. Or real ones come to that!!


* I may have made this one up!


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