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Indie band Llovers have been described by NME (when they were still a thing) as “A colourful patchwork of rock, indie, pop and psychedelia”. Today's TunA is the latest single which came out April 6. 

Give us your track reactions and vote for your TunA the Week


This is what I wrote last Sunday and I have thought about it a lot in the last 48 hours....

OK....to be fair to you lot, and most importantly myself, I've decided to take a break from the site until I'm fully better.

To be honest my heart isn't in it at the moment and I need to be away from anything that I perceive as an 'expectation' or a pressure. I hate to do this, but I've got to do what's best for me. I've been forced into this a couple of times in the last 10 years and hopefully this won't be for long.

I love you lot heart

It's now Tuesday 24 April and sod it and sod you depression and anxiety!! I'm going to carry on. 


I still heart you lot!!!

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