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I've worked on several Truck Festivals over the years, running signing sessions for the lovely folks at Truck Store and Rapture and many of them have been a real blast.

Sadly this year was not one of them sad....by upping the capacity, but not taking that into account when planning the event, the new owners seriously let down 1000's of festival goers*.

Wait times of way over 2 hours to get wristbands and a queue stretching back more than a mile (and then messages being posted that they didn't expect everybody to turn up at once) unaffordable drinks (£5 for a 568 millilitre bottle of cider) thefts on a large scale from the campsite, surly and badly informed security / stewards and site planning that looked like it had been done by a baby chimp (who puts the loudest stage opposite one playing largely acoustic / Americana?) all left a bad taste in the mouth.

Granted there was nothing they could've done about the atrocious weather, but there didn't seem to be any plan in place to cope with the rain and mud. It gives me no pleasure in saying this, but it was an utter shambles!!

On the plus side Danny & The Champs did a great set on the Friday, I got to hang out in the Saloon with lots of lovely people (Danny, Tris from Clubhouse, Del Day, Jim Walker, Fin, Hannah, Paul M etc) and we did 3 amazing signing sessions with Loyle Carner, Mr Motivator and Sundara Karma before the sea of liquid mud made the merch tent a no go zone....oh and my daughter and my brother and his family enjoyed themselves no end.

Festivals all over the UK are being bought up by large organisations who are putting profits way above looking after their audiences and it's a real shame Truck has gone the same way.

Will I be back? Well no and not just because I'm calling time on my festival career...apart from Wychwood. RIP Truck...it WAS fun!!!!

* I should stress that none of this is directed at Robin and Joe Bennett who created the original, amazing event.

Fans of Sufjan Stevens should dig today's TunA from Virginia based folk-rock trio The Anatomy of Frank.

It's taken from their latest album South America which is out Sept 1.

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