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Will NOT help you lose weight as part of a calorie controlled dietAs Marjorie Dawes, the vindictive leader of the Fat Fighters slimming club in Little Britain, is fond of saying "Oh man I love the cake!"
I always new that too many slices of Battenburg or Victoria sponge did the waistline no favours, but I never new how bad things could get until I saw an ad for this particular confection. I wonder if it's only for people called Shirley or can anybody gorge themselves on it?
I've resisted the temptation to prattle on about how we get duped into spending loads of dosh every Feb 14th (I did that last year) and I haven't gone for a syrupy, loved-up TunA. Instead here's a bitter-sweet ballad from an artist we've featured before (indeed she's contributed a blog in the past).
Jette Kelly is a classically trained vocalist who's appeared on the same bill as Lou Reed, The Chemical Brothers and Franz Ferdinand. She's currently in the studio with one of my fave bands Thievery Corporation.
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