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Aldo Plano

Mr TunA

Posted on April 12, 2018, 8:37 am
Last edited on April 17, 2018, 7:37 am

Scores on the doors

And apologies...it's BA not DO

Jeff Roberts

Posted on April 17, 2018, 3:10 am
Last edited on April 17, 2018, 3:20 am

The feature is very arty and cool. It's got hints of Rikki Lee Jones and Esperanza Spalding. Cool jazz arrangement that says "hey this ain't all about a posing singer check the sounds". The instrumental tracks are so good there's a risk of forgetting there's a singer calling for attention but, risk averted. Everything is balanced out and everyone wins. This is a wonderful track that's got so much to justify many listens to appreciate all the nuance here. It's exquisite, and in this vein I'd offer Luisa Maita, who is beyond exquisite.

Jeff Roberts

Posted on April 17, 2018, 3:20 am

I'm not a Fan of Bryde but rather a FAN since becoming acquainted with her through the Tuna experience. This is a totally worthy effort but it doesn't give me the hair raise that others do, like Peace , which came out recently. The latter is a tune that defies a proper explanation of the rush I get every time I listen to it.


Posted on April 17, 2018, 8:08 am
Last edited on April 17, 2018, 8:24 am

Well, it's jazz, innit. Above my pay grade. Thing is, it's kind of intriguing. I mean I don't like clicked fingers or the glockenspiel that kicks in one and a half mins in, but that voice is truly superb and so well balanced with the spare, yet intricate arrangement of sounds pivoting around it, that I'm getting more with each listen. Classy.

As for Bryde, it seems she's taken none of my notes on board. Haha. I moaned here that live there was a fantastic bit with the band, intercut with a tedious solo bit. Peace is an example of a strong song with her excellent band backing her all the way. Euphoria in comparison is a bit limp, a bit self-consciously 'ethereal, and merely highlights that odd yelping inflection.

Andy Cordy

Posted on April 17, 2018, 9:09 am

I was way more interested in the far out stuff, near the start of the number than the more mainstream R&B groove that ensued. I found myself thinking of Tonni Smith's vocal on Tom Browne's Funkin' for Jamaica, more famously covered by Chaka Khan.

It is a great voice and well suited to either of the above styles. There's no current route to mainstream success through Jazz. It gets next to no airplay and what does get through is the safe sticky sweet funk fusion of the 80, where this scores points.

Andy Cordy

Posted on April 17, 2018, 9:13 am
Last edited on April 17, 2018, 9:23 am

I like the Bryde very much. In particular the way the other instruments emerge from behind the piano. It's a beautiful arrangement and a lovely performance. Worth having the album for this number alone.


Posted on April 17, 2018, 12:38 pm

Jazz ain't my thing but she sings well.

I listened to most of the Bryde album (last two tracks are very skippable) and I found myself enjoying it but it didn't quite win me over. There's a plaintive edge to her voice in many of the songs that makes me think of an emotional teenager. All a bit too earnest for me?

Mr TunA

Posted on April 17, 2018, 1:33 pm

Being earnest is important!! Ta-da!!!


Posted on April 17, 2018, 1:54 pm

You can't beat a theatrical joke.

Mr TunA

Posted on April 17, 2018, 2:18 pm

That would some up my 10 years as an Equity member quite neatly Coolnoise ;-)

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