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Sam Green & The Midnight Heist
Where You're From
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Sam Green & The Midnight Heist - Where You're From

Detach and play!

I LOVE that Daisy is so into music, but also that she's just as likely to listen to Stevie Wonder and David Bowie as to acts like today's video. She also goes to see lots of live stuff (even my gigs when I put her on the guest list) and used to flick through NME...when it was still a thing. Would that more of her age group got off their a**** and experienced music as it should be heard!!!

Sam Green was the support act at our recent Danny & The Champs gig and his loop/pedal employing roots/blues went down very well with the crowd. He also scored max points from me for fighting his way through the snow from Devon. This is a track from his full band line up, and below is some footage of him on the night...

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A featured TunA artist from early March this reminds us of Journey to Cassiopeia by Hannah Peel which was one of our albums of 2017. Neo-classical is what the hipsters call it..we think!! No CD but vinyl.
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