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Here's 4 pics from this year's Lechlade Festival. The weather and the crowds were MUCH better than last year smiley

For my taste there was far too much ROCK music on the Riverside Stage, but Status Quo (I chatted with Francis drop) Dr and The Medics and Whole Lotta Lead were great headliners over the 3 days.

Oh...and I lost my voice!!

Luke Tuchscherer will be playing the stage I'm co-hosting at Riverside Festival 25/26 July. Today's TunA is a track from his new album You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense.

Give us your track reactions

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Slightly late posting this, but well worth the wait. 10 cracking folk/country/rock tunes from the remarkable Swede. CD £11.99 / Download £7.20
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